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Raccoon Family Takes Up Residence in Apartment Ceiling


Raccoon family takes up residence in apartment ceiling

A raccoon family has taken up residence in the ceiling of an apartment in Florida.

Jem Calobrace, who shared the video, said she had moved to the Lauderdale Lakes property with her husband last year, when she “discovered we are not the only ones enjoying the comfort of our home”.

The couple had been hearing scratches and noises around the entrance to their home, and also noticed a strong smell of urine inside, which they couldn’t identify initially.

It was only when Jem set up a Ring camera earlier this month that she finally realised she was sharing her apartment with a family of raccoons.

“At midnight on 16 April, they all came out from the ceiling and one raccoon was staring at me,” she explained.

Jem added that she has been advised to wait a few weeks for the animals to emerge and relocate on their own.

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