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Post office inquiry: Fujitsu manager called bankrupted subpostmaster 'nasty chap'


Post Office inquiry: Fujitsu manager called bankrupted subpostmaster ‘nasty chap’

A Fujitsu manager labelled a subpostmaster as a “nasty chap” who will be “all out to rubbish” the company’s name ahead of legal proceedings which led to his bankruptcy, the Horizon IT inquiry heard today (18 January).

Peter Sewell who was part of the Post Office Account Security Team at Fujitsu when East Yorkshire subpostmaster Lee Castleton faced his legal battle in 2007, described the road the court was situated on as a place “they used to hang people out to dry”.

Mr Castleton, from Bridlington, was found to have a £25,000 shortfall at his branch after losing his fight with the Post Office.

Mr Sewell admitted “we all protect our own companies” when pressed on whether he saw it as important to protect Fujitsu’s overall reputation.

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