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IDF reserve captain explains why 'initially hopeful ceasefire' did not take place


IDF reserve captain explains why ‘initially hopeful ceasefire’ did not take place

An IDF reserve captain has explained why an “initially hopeful ceasefire” did not take place.

Speaking to LBC on Tuesday morning (7 May), Eyal Birham said that “specific proposals” discussed in recent months have not been met.

Hamas replied yesterday saying that they agree for a temporary ceasefire, not by releasing live hostages, but by releasing dead or alive hostages,” he told Nick Ferrari.

“They are not willing to release the people who are right now held.”

Mr Birham went on to say the suggestion was “unimaginable” and that Israel is continuing to prepare for an attack on Rafah.

Israel rejected a ceasefire offer from Hamas on Monday night, saying a last-minute proposal had failed to meet its key demands.

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