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‘The air is thick with the smell of decomposing bodies’: Bel Trew reports from Israel


‘The one constant is death’: Bel Trew reports from Israel-Gaza border after Hamas militants commit massacre in Kfar Aza

The ‘smell of death’ dominates the air in Kfar Aza after Hamas breached the nearby Gaza border and committed a savage massacre in the village.

The Independent’s Bel Trew is on the ground in Israel after Hamas militants launched a brutal attack early Saturday 7 October.

“They came with one mission, to kill more and more Jews”, said Major David Ben Zion as he stands among the wreckage.

The IDF claimed they entered homes and found residents’ bodies “decapitated” in the rural farming community of around 800 people left decimated by the attack. (The Independent was shown no evidence of this)

At least 900 Israelis and almost 800 people in the Gaza Strip have lost their lives in the attack.

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