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Jess Phillips reveals Starmer's amusing reaction when she was feeling 'sorry' for Sunak


Jess Phillips shares how Keir Starmer reacted when she was ‘feeling sorry’ for Rishi Sunak

Jess Phillips has revealed Sir Keir Starmer told her to “f*** off” when she expressed sympathy for Rishi Sunak.

During an appearance on Have I Got News for You on Friday 17 May, the Labour MP was asked if Sir Keir “is as much of a laugh as he seems” by host Jason Manford.

“He is funnier than Rishi Sunak, he told me to f*** off the other day,” Ms Phillips explained.

“I was showing a level of sympathy to Rishi Sunak. I was starting to feel sorry for him - and he was like ‘oh f*** off Jess’”.

Her anecdote drew laughter and applause from the audience.

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