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Loch Ness: Hunters use hydrophones and thermal drones for first time in search


Loch Ness hunt latest: New technology used in search has picked up ‘bizarre noises’

The largest hunt for The Loch NessMonster in 50 years has begun, and the hunters have stepped up their technology game, by using equipment never been used on the Loch before.

Hydrophones, which detect acoustic signals under the water are being used, listening for any suspicious underwater sounds.

Thermal and infrared drones are also being used at night, to detect heat signatures underwater.

The newly revamped Loch Ness Centre teamed up with Loch Ness Exploration (LNE), an independent and voluntary research team, to carry out the hunt over the weekend.

The legend of the Loch Ness Monster dates back to ancient times.

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