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Sunak 'utterly sickened' by rise in hate crime attacks and will do 'whatever it takes'


Rishi Sunak ‘utterly sickened’ by rise in hate crime attacks in UK and will do ‘whatever it takes’

Rishi Sunak has described a rise in hate crimes in Britain in light of the conflict in the Middle East as “utterly sickening”.

Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions on Tuesday, he said: “This government will do whatever it takes to keep our Jewish community safe. That is why we have provided an additional £3 million of funding to support the community security trust and we are working with the police to ensure hate crime and glorification of terror is met with the full force of the law.

“Under our existing immigration rules, we have the power to cancel a person’s presence in the UK if it’s not conducive to the public good.”

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