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Sunak Tells Starmer To Spend Less Time Reading Truss Book And More On Rayner's Tax Advice


Sunak takes aim at Rayner’s ‘tax affairs’ during fiery exchange over Liz Truss’s book at PMQs

Rishi Sunak took a jibe at Angela Rayner’s tax affairs during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday 17 April.

Sir Keir Starmer opened the session by joking that he was “privileged to be the proud owner” of Liz Truss’s new book and took issue with her claim that 2022’s disastrous Budget was “the happiest moment of her premiership”.

“Has the prime minister met anyone with a mortgage who agrees?” he asked, drawing laughter from the Commons.

“All I’d say is, he’d ought to spend a bit less time reading that book and a bit more time reading the deputy leader’s tax advice,” Mr Sunak said, hitting back.

He was referencing the row over Ms Rayer’s previous living arrangements.

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