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Kim Kardashian tells Kamala Harris she’s ‘here to help’ as they discuss criminal justice reform


Watch: Kim Kardashian tells Kamala Harris she’s ‘just here to help’ on visit to White House

Kim Kardashian told US Vice President Kamala Harris she was “just here to help” as she visited the White House for the first time under Joe Biden’s presidency.

The 43-year-old participated in a roundtable in the Roosevelt Room with Harris and four people who were pardoned by President Biden this week.

The US Vice President said: “I’ll start by saying that I want to thank Kim for your advocacy and for using your platform in a way that has really lifted up the importance of talking about and being dedicated to second chances.”

Kardashian vowed to learn more “every day, every visit, every administration” as she thanked Harris for her “commitment to second chances”.

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