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240518 Moment Jealous Prom Night Killer Arrested After Attacking Teenager With Zombie Knife


Moment jealous prom night killer arrested after attacking teenager with zombie knife

Police have released footage of the moment Patrick Sharp-Meade was arrested after stabbing to death Kajetan Migdal on his prom night.

Sharp-Meade, 20, of Cutty’s Lane in Stevenage, was jailed for life on Friday 17 May.

He attacked 18-year-old Kajetan, who had appeared on BBC TV’s The Greatest Dancer, on the evening of Friday 27 May 2022.

Wearing a balaclava and carrying a large zombie knife concealed down his trousers, Sharp-Meade confronted the boys believing they were the group he had heard talking to his ex-girlfriend when she had phoned whilst on her way to his flat a few minutes earlier.

After asking Kajetan if he was “from these ends”, Sharp-Meade then pulled out the knife and stabbed him, delivering a fatal wound to the heart.

Kajetan died in hospital in the early hours of the next morning.

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