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Why Fans Suspect Jojo Siwa’s ‘Karma’ Is A Scrapped Miley Cyrus Song


Fans suspect Jojo Siwa’s new song is scrapped Miley Cyrus hit

Fans have speculated that Jojo Siwa's new song "Karma" is an unreleased Miley Cyrus track from over 10 years ago.

The former Dance Moms star has announced her first foray into music with the single, claiming she's making a new genre called "gay pop."

TikTok user Adam Barrera unearthed 2012 tweets from Rock Mafia and Timbaland hinting at them working on a song called "Karma" with the former Hannah Montana star, which hinted at them working on a song named "Karma" with Cyrus.

Barrera points out Rock Mafia are producers and writers of the Jojo Siwa song, with Antonia Armato - who penned hits for Disney stars - as a writer.

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