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The Crown: Diana confronts paparazzi for 'freaking' William out


Diana confronts paparazzi for ‘freaking out’ Prince William as protective mothering instincts kick in

A scene from The Crown shows Princess Diana confronting the paparazzi after photographers “freaked out” Prince William.

Episode one of the sixth season, which arrived on Netflix on Thursday 16 November, focuses on Diana as she holidays in Saint-Tropez.

Her protective mother instincts are clearly on show as she takes a speedboat out to a group of photographers camped on a boat.

“Hello, boys,” Diana says, before being asked if she is “enjoying” her holiday.

“Yes, we’re having a lovely time, apart from one little thing, you lot. How long are we going to have the pleasure of your company? The attention is starting to freak out the boys.”

Diana - portrayed by Elizabeth Debicki - then promises the paparazzi a “big surprise” if they leave her children alone.

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