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The Uk At Eurovision  68 Years Of Musical Highs And Lows Original Video M251894


UK at Eurovision: A look back at 68 years of musical highs and lows

Olly Alexander is set to become the UK’s 64th artist or band to enter the Eurovision Song Contest when he takes to the stage in Malmo on 11 May.

The musician and actor, 33, follows a long line of UK acts who have been propelled into stardom for various reasons - whether that was for their success, or “nul points.”

As one of the “Big Five” countries, along with France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, that automatically prequalifies for the final each year, the UK won the contest five times and has finished as runner-up on sixteen occasions.

However, it’s also ended up in the bottom several times - including Jemini’s and James Newman’s nul points results.

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