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Disney World guest jumps into park lagoon 'for $6,000 bet'


Disney World guest jumps into Epcot lagoon ‘for $6,000 bet’

Footage shows the moment a man at Orlando’s Walt Disney World jumped off a bridge into a lagoon to allegedly win a bet.

In a video shared on social media, the bandanna-wearing jumper climbs over a bridge in the Italian pavilion at Epcot, as a voice behind the camera is heard shouting: “Don’t do it, you’re going to get kicked out of Disney.”

He is then seen jumping into the water and climbing over a boat to get back onto dry land.

Multiple videos of the incident have been shared online, with one witness telling Fox 35 that they overheard the man and his friends talking about a $6,000 bet.

It is reported that the man received a year ban - but was not arrested - for his stunt.

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