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Psychologist reveals the perfect dating ‘formula’ - will this help you find love?

A psychologist has come up with a new formula for dating success.

Dr Aria Campbell-Danesh combined variables including the initial spark, “romantic resilience”, and the reduction of stress.

His calculations threw up the following formula: DDS = (PA x R) / S.

‘DDS’ represents ‘Dopamine Dating Success’, ‘PA’ signifies ‘ Perceived Attraction’, ‘R’ connotes ‘Romantic Resilience’, and ‘S’ stands for ‘Stress’.

Dr Aria explains that the secret to dating success lies in carefully managing your dopamine levels throughout your romantic journey.

The equation demonstrates that achieving the right balance between ‘Perceived Attraction’ (PA) and effectively handling ‘Romantic Resilience’ (R), all while minimizing ‘Stress’ (S), can be the winning formula for an extraordinary love story.

Dr Aria, who worked with luxury dating website to create the equation, said:“Those that master the art of moderating and controlling factors related to dopamine, will be the most successful when it comes to sparking intrigue in the initial phases of dating.

“The study shows that one in three Brits are in the dark as to the role of dopamine in their love lives, despite it playing such an important role when dating.

“It is responsible for pleasure, reward, and motivation, explaining the intense feelings of excitement and passion with initial romantic connections.”

“But, as time rolls on, the biochemical love story can change. So, as we progress through the early dating stages, we should be asking ourselves how to transform these intense sparks into lasting flames.

“The secret ingredient? Embracing science-backed strategies to boost resilience, and reduce chronic stress, so you’re not just dreaming of love; you’re engineering it”. also commissioned research of 2,000 single adults who have previously dated which found 95 per cent experience a natural high when meeting someone new they like.

While 88 per cent admitted it is important to experience an intense thrill during the initial stages of dating - underscoring its pivotal role in modern romance.

And 56 per cent chase the buzz they first get when they meet someone they like, with 72 per cent finding the high addictive.

However, this initial ‘spark’ tends to fizzle out quite quickly - after an average of five dates.

It also emerged that when it comes to dating apps, the optimal amount of time for conversation before proposing a physical date is seven days, as any longer can lead to waning interest once dopamine levels drop off.

This could explain why 47 per cent of those who took part in the study by admit to ending relationships during the initial dating stages after the initial burst of excitement subsides.

Top tips to increase perceived physical attraction:

1.            Maintaining a healthy lifestyle: regular exercise, a balanced diet, sufficient sleep, and being in general good health makes you more attractive to potential partners.

2.            Practice kindness: Studies have shown that being kind and demonstrating altruistic behaviours can increase your allure.

3.            Active Listening: People feel more attracted to those who show genuine interest in what they have to say. Improving your active listening skills can enhance your attractiveness.

4.            Emotional Intelligence: The ability to understand and manage your emotions, as well as empathise with others, is an attractive quality. Emotional intelligence can be developed with practice and self-reflection.

5.            Shared Interests: People often feel more attracted to those who share their interests. Exploring and developing your own interests and hobbies can increase the chances of meeting potential partners with similar interests, enhancing mutual attraction.

6.            Mindfulness: Being present and engaged in interactions demonstrates respect and interest, which can increase your attractiveness. Practising mindfulness in daily activities can help develop this skill.

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