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Mel B shares video of herself dying Yorkshire Terrier bright pink on 'spa day'


Mel B dyes her Yorkshire Terrier bright pink on ‘spa day’

Mel B has shared a video of herself dyeing her Yorkshire Terrier bright pink for a “spa day”.

In the video, shared on her Instagram, the Spice Girl is seen blow-drying Cookie’s newly-dyed coat with a hairdryer.

“Cookie spa day, you know I take Cookie everywhere with me,” Mel B captioned the post.

“We always have a good time getting all the beauty treatments.”

Scary Spice has a close bond with her beloved Yorkshire Terrier and once joked she was “easier” to handle than her groupmate Victoria Beckham.

However, a number of fans in the comments urged Mel B to leave her dog’s coat the “gorgeous colour” it was.

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