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Boohoo: Here are the ethical promises the fast-fashion brand broke


Boohoo: Here are the ethical promises the fast-fashion brand broke

Boohoo has broken promises to make its clothes fairly and ethically, a BBC investigation has found.

The fast fashion firm pledged to overhaul its practices in 2020 after coming under fire over workers’ pay and conditions.

Boohoo introduced Agenda for Change - which includes promising to pay its suppliers a fair price for garments, with realistic timescales.

However, BBC Panorama has published evidence of staff pushing suppliers to drive prices down, even after deals had been agreed, and secret filming also revealed the pressure on timescales the company imposed.

The BBC’s investigation found Boohoo’s third promise - to provide better transparency - was also broken.

A Boohoo spokesman said the company has invested “significant time, effort and resource” into driving “positive change across every aspect” of the business and supply chain following Alison Levitt KC’s independent review.

The spokesman added that a £1.80 order did not go ahead, stating the company works in a “constructive way with suppliers to deliver great value for customers”.

The company spokesman said: “Our suppliers pay at least national minimum wage where they operate. The majority of our suppliers have worked with the boohoo group for a number of years, something that would not be possible if the work was not profitable.”

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