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Dozens of starving dogs found living in 'horrendous' conditions in Welsh house


Dozens of starving dogs found living amongst faeces and decomposing puppies in ‘horrendous’ Welsh house

Shocking footage shows the inside of a faeces and urine-ridden house that a dog breeder subjected dozens of animals to.

Julie Elizabeth Newcombe, 42, of Trefil Road, Tredegar was found to be keeping 90 dogs in "disgusting conditions" inside her Blaenau Gwent, Wales house.

Footage filmed inside the property captures the dogs living amongst faeces-smeared floors, walls and cages.

Along with being deprived of food and water, the dogs were forced to live amongst decomposing puppies at Newcombe's.

An RSPCA inspector who attended the property said the scene was among the worst he had ever seen in his 20-year career with the organisation.

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