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It tore my family apart, says woman who was orphaned aged nine due to infected blood


‘Infected blood scandal left me orphaned at 9 - it tore my family apart’

A victim of the infected blood scandal, who was left orphaned aged nine, has recalled the devastating effects it had on her family.

Lauren Palmer’s parents died within days of each other after her father, a haemophiliac, was infected with HIV and Hepatitis C during a transfusion and unknowingly passed it on to his wife.

She spoke to Good Morning Britain on Monday, 20 May, as an inquiry found that politicians, doctors, and civil servants were involved in a chilling cover-up of the worst treatment disaster in the history of the health service.

More than 30,000 people were infected with deadly viruses while they were receiving NHS care between the 1970s and 1990s.

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