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IDF official asked where people of Rafah 'are meant to go' during Israeli strikes


IDF soldier asked where 100,000 displaced in Rafah ‘are meant to go’ during Israeli offensive

An IDF reserve captain has spoken out as Israeli forces have taken control of the Palestinian side of the Rafah crossing.

Humanitarian organisations, led by the United Nations, warned that such an offensive would lead to a “bloodbath” as roughly 1.4 million civilians are currently displaced in Rafah.

The IDF has told roughly 100,000 civilians to evacuate parts of the territory.

Speaking to LBC on Tuesday morning (7 May), IDF soldier Eyal Birham said there are “five sites outside of Rafah” for people to flee.

Nick Ferrari then questioned Mr Birham on why he thinks it is right for Israel to continue amid condemnation from the US and European countries.

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