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Rishi Sunak reacts to Suella Braverman's 'lifestyle choice' comment on homelessness


Rishi Sunak reacts to Suella Braverman’s ‘lifestyle choice’ comment on homelessness

Rishi Sunak did not criticise Suella Braverman's claim that rough sleeping is sometimes a “lifestyle choice” for homeless people, but stopped short of repeating her comments.

During a visit to the Bacton Gas Terminal in Norfolk on Monday ( 6 November), the prime minister was pressed on whether the Home Secretary's language was “offensive”.

Ms Braverman has been criticised by opposition politicians and charities after suggesting she wants to place restrictions on the use of tents on public streets.

"Of course there is more to do and we’ll keep going so that nobody has to sleep rough on our streets," Mr Sunak said.

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