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WWE's Bayley opens up on coaching 'stacked' women's roster


Exclusive: Bayley opens up on coaching ‘stacked’ WWE women’s roster

Bayley has opened up on coaching the “stacked” WWE women’s roster.

Speaking to The Independent ahead of WrestleMania XL, the first-ever women’s grand slam champion praised her colleagues for bringing different styles and mindsets from all over the world to the business.

“It’s a beautiful time to be a woman in this sport,” she said, explaining why she likes to “coach” the division.

“I’m always interested in [watching] the women. Even if there are days I don’t have time to watch RAW or NXT, I record it.

“It goes back to wanting to see the division grow stronger and stronger. I feel like I’m one of those annoying coaches who has to be like ‘What are you doing?’ and make sure everyone is doing their part.”

Tune in to WrestleMania XL on Saturday 6 April and Sunday 7 April on WWE Network.

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