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Courteney Cox 'accidentally' reveals messy closet similar to Friends character Monica


Courteney Cox ‘accidentally’ reveals she has a secret messy closet like Friends character Monica in hilarious clip

Courteney Cox has ‘accidentally’ revealed her ‘secret’ messy closet, similar to that of her iconic Friends character Monica Geller in a hilarious clip.

The actress, 59, shared a video of herself on Instagram showing off her dining room and ‘accidentally’ revealing her closet.

Filmed by her creative team director Max Goodrich, he asks her: “Is this like a junk closet or something?”

She quickly tries to find the handle to close the door and hide away the room filled with piles of boxes, duvets, and other objects.

The video is similar to an episode of Friends where cleaning enthusiast Monica has her messy cupboard discovered.

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