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Martin Scorsese and daughter Francesca make TikTok home tour video


Martin Scorsese directs daughter Francesca in TikTok home tour video

Oscar-winning film director Martin Scorsese has taken to TikTok with his daughter Francesca to make a home tour video about how much they love movies.

The 81-year-old shared a glimpse inside his New York City home, which features a director’s chair, movie memorabilia and classic film posters.

In the clip, the father and daughter give viewers a tour of their family home, while acting out a version of the popular 'I'm a... Of course...' trend of TikToks.

In the video, posted on Monday (20 May) Francesca starts off the tour in a hallway full of movie posters.

Smiling, she says: “We're movie lovers - of course, we have film posters all over our house.”

She is then interrupted by her father, who instructs: “Now do that again. It has to have more.”

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