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Michael Parkinson's classic 'Golden Balls' interview with David and Victoria Beckham


Watch: Michael Parkinson’s iconic ‘Golden Balls’ interview with David and Victoria Beckham

It was the interview with chatshow legend Michael Parkinson that Victoria Beckham let slip her ‘Golden Balls’ nickname for husband David.

In 2010, the famous couple revealed all to Parkinson about how David had transformed his image after being sent off at the 1998 World Cup.

Parkinson asked: “Do you think David has a better public persona and image than you have?”

Victoria replied: “I think he does have now, but I don’t think he did have a few years ago

She then accidentally let slip her chosen nickname for her husband, as she said: "David is - I call him Golden Balls!"

Parkinson replied: “That’s a good one!”

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