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Inside the making of Ryan Gosling's hit Barbie song 'I'm Just Ken'


Inside the making of Ryan Gosling’s hit Barbie song ‘I’m Just Ken’

Mark Ronson’s behind-the-scenes footage shows how Ryan Gosling’s Barbie hit, ‘I’m Just Ken,’ came together.

The producer, 48, posted a TikTok revealing how the song was written with musician Andrew Wyatt.

Ronson said he knew he needed to write a song for Ken “immediately” after reading Greta Gerwig’s script, and came up with the “anywhere else I’d be a ten” line soon after.

Upon hearing the demo, the director “loved it” and Gosling insisted he should be the one to sing the song.

Greta wanted a dance sequence for the song and that’s how “Kenergy” was born, added Wyatt.

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