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SNL: Scarlett Johansson hilariously mock Katie Britt’s weird State of the Union rebuttal


SNL: Scarlett Johansson hilariously mocks Katie Britt’s bizarre State of the Union rebuttal

Scarlett Johansson hilariously mocked Katie Britt’s weird State of the Union rebuttal during her Saturday Night Live (SNL) appearance on 9 March.

The sketch comedy show focused most of its attention on this week's State of the Union speech, honing in on the Republican rebuttal which came from 42-year-old Alabama Senator Katie Britt.

Ms Britt, 42, is the youngest Republican woman to serve in the US Senate and was chosen to deliver the republican party’s rebuttal speech to Joe Biden’s address.

During Saturday night's episode of SNL, Johansson, 39, mimicked the senator's tone shifting from dark and ominous to bright and breezy.

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