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CCTV footage of cuddling elephants gives insight into sleeping habits


Cuddling elephants captured on CCTV give insight into fascinating sleeping habits

This CCTV footage of cuddling elephants gives an insight into their fascinating sleeping habits.

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Wraxall, Bristol, has filmed two of their elephants inside their closure and shared the footage on Sunday (28 April) to explain more about their sleeping patterns.

Tom Lindley, head elephant keeper, said: “Elephants sleep for around four to six hours a night in one to two-hour stints on average and swap sides after each stint.

“As elephants are such large and heavy animals, if they spend too long lying on one side, it can cause pressure build-up on their internal organs.

"We use sand mounds here at the zoo for the elephants to sleep on. This allows elephants to take weight off of all four feet .”

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