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#TheMoment a rare pink fog blanketed B.C.'s Okanagan


Rare pink fog hangs over British Columbia sky

Some residents in Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, were briefly enveloped in shades of pink and purple on Wednesday morning, 31 January.

The city of Kelowna experienced rare pink and purple-hued fog for several minutes around 7:30am PT before the sky returned to its normal grey colour.

Canada Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) podcast host Bob McDonald explained the rarely-seen phenomenom, saying “The phenonomen is when sunlight passes through a lot of material that’s in the air, whether it’s dust or it’s moisture.”

“The shorter wavelengths, blues and greens, they get scattered more easily - that’s why we have blue skies.”

He then explained that red light penetrates dust better, which results in the pink sky.

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