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'Entire families have been killed, there is no one to bury anybody’, British-Palestinian doctor says


British-Palestinian doctor in Gaza says ‘entire families have been killed, there is no one to bury anybody’

A British-Palestinian surgeon working out of the al-Shifaa Hospital in Gaza has provided a jarring update amid the Israel and Hamas conflict.

Doctors Without Borders surgeon Dr Ghassan Abu-Sitta told The Independent's Bel Trew: "The situation in al-Shifaa is catastrophic.

"There are families sitting on the floor in the corridor, and all the way out, into the stairwell and outside the building.

"We think there are around tens of thousands like them around the hospital."

When asked if the morgues were overflowing, Dr Abu-Sitta said: "People are too afraid to go to cemeteries.

“There are around 50 families who have been completely wiped out because people are seeking refugee with their relatives.

“There are 50 families with three generations of grandparents — their parents and their kids's kids who have been wiped out.

“There is no one to bury anybody."

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