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Emily Thornberry laughs as she admits 'I smoked dope' during live interview


Labour’s Emily Thornberry laughs as she admits ‘I smoked dope’ in live interview

Labour’s shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry laughed as she admitted “I smoked dope” during a live interview today (22 March).

Ms Thornberry appeared on LBC’s breakfast show on Friday and was asked by presenter Nick Ferrari: “Emily Thornberry, did you do drugs at university?”

The MP replied: “Yeah, I smoked dope.”

“Does it matter?”, the presenter asked, as he spoke of the “fixation” the public has on politician’s past drug use.

The Labour MP replied: “It’s up to the public really, I mean it was a long time ago.”

Mr Ferrari then asked Ms Thornberry: “When did you last light up a joint?”

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