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Starmer’s comments on Gaza situation ‘grotesque’, Palestinian activist says


Starmer’s comments on Israel withholding water from Gaza are ‘grotesque’, Palestinian activist says

The director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign has called Sir Keir Starmer's recent comments on Israel's actions "grotesque".

In an interview with The Independent, Ben Jamal, Director of UK-based Palestine Solidarity Campaign, critised the Labour leader’s comments which endorsed the Israeli government’s actions.

During an LBC interview on Wednesday 11 October, Starmer was asked whether cutting off water and electricity supplies in the besieged region of Gaza was a proportionate response to the assault by Palestinian fighters in southern Israel.

He responded: "I think that Israel does have that right, it is an ongoing situation, obviously everything should be done within international law but I don't want to step away from the core principles that Israel has the right to defend herself."

Mr Jamal spoke ahead of a pro-Palestine march in London protesting against Israel's military action.

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