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Charity claim Met police forced them to switch off billboard of missing Israeli children


Met Police order charity to switch off billboards of missing Israeli children

Met Police officers have been filmed telling a charity to switch off its billboards showing pictures of missing children in Israel.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism posted a video on X, showing officers stopping the billboard vans in central London on Thursday 19 October.

The billboards featured the faces of children feared missing in the Middle East conflict.

The video shows police stopping the vans and asking where campaigners plan to go. A man from the charity asks an officer why they have been asked to turn the billboard off.

In a statement, the Met Police said it “understands why this has concerned people” and has since reviewed the body-worn video of the officers.

The force said the exchange happened around the same time as a nearby vigil held by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and their priority was the safety of everyone involved.

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