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Runaway train 'travels 50 miles without driver' in India


Watch: Runaway train ‘travels at highspeed for 50 miles without driver’ in India

This incredible footage shows a runaway cargo train speeding at 50mph without a driver.

The unmanned freight train, with 53 carriages, whizzes through a railroad station at a speed of 100 kilometres per hour on Sunday (25 February).

The driver had allegedly stopped for tea and left the engine running while waiting for a new driver to arrive for their shift.

However, the vehicle rolled down a sloped part of the track on the Jammu to Jalandhar section shortly after 7.25am.

A Northern Railway spokesperson said the train was loaded with chipstones and stopped at the Unchi Bassi station using emergency brakes around 9am.

Police said mechanical methods were used to slow down the train.

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