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Woman knocks down street performer's piano then steals his tips


Woman knocks down street performer’s piano then allegedly steals his tips

Shocking video shows the moment a woman knocked down a street performer’s piano as he was playing, then allegedly took his tip money in Athens, Georgia.

The woman, identified as Shauntae Heard, passed the performer, Andrew Husu, twice. The first time she approached and pressed down on the piano keys as he was mid-song, before walking away.

The video cuts and a while later she returns, again approaching the piano and this time pressing down hard enough that the instrument falls over. The video also highlights her leaning over to Husu’s tip jar and alleges that she took money from it.

Shocked onlookers booed the woman and checked on Husu, who appeared dumbfounded. Heard later apologised for her actions but denied stealing.

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