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Alison Hammond shares reason Josh didn't win Great British Bake Off


Alison Hammond shares reason Josh didn’t win Great British Bake Off

Alison Hammond has revealed why she thinks Great British Bake Off contestant Josh did not win the final of the show.

A tense final saw Matty, Dan and fan-favorite Josh battle it out for the accolade of Great British Bake Off winner 2023 on Tuesday (28 November). PE teacher Matty ended up victorious.

Appearing on Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice on Thursday (30 November), Alison said: "Personally I thought it was going to be Josh because he did deliver some amazing showstoppers throughout the whole thing."

"But just on the last show it was really interesting that it just wasn't to the standard of his other showstoppers so I was quite surprised it wasn't Josh."

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