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Naga Munchetty accuses Death in Paradise star Ralf Little of calling her old


Naga Munchetty halts Death in Paradise star Ralf Little’s BBC Breakfast interview: ‘You saying I’m old?’

BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty halted Death in Paradise star Ralf Little’s interview as she asked him: “Are you saying I’m old?”.

The actor was on the show today (5 April), to discuss his new tour with Two Pints podcast co-host, Will Mellor.

The journalist asked if he had always had that rapport with Mellor, 48, and Little replied: "We've always made each other laugh and we've always had that kind of ability to be silly and then serious, but, we got old.

"We got old right? So we still do the stuff we..."

Munchetty interrupted to ask how old he was, and Little replied: "I'm 44, just turned 44."

She responded: "So you're younger than me, so you're saying I'm old?"

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