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Joan Collins sips on coffee while shopping in Marks and Spencer


Joan Collins enjoys break from shopping as she sips on latte at Marks and Spencer café

Joan Collins enjoyed some time out from her shopping to enjoy a coffee at a Marks and Spencer café this weekend.

The British actress posted a video of herself enjoying a latte while on a break from shopping with her family on Saturday (18 May).

Wearing a smart green suit and her sunglasses, the 90-year-old said: “I am in Marks and Spencer having a wonderful latte in the place they sell coffee.

“Cheers everybody, happy weekend.”

The post delighted her fans.

One said: “Imagine just walking into M&S and there’s Joan Collins just sitting there fashionably sipping a latte.”

Another added: “Love that fact that iconic Joan Collins just goes and sits in an M&S cafe.”

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