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Jackass star Johnny Knoxville reveals 'addiction' to stunts 'scrambled' his brain


Jackass star Johnny Knoxville says ‘addiction’ to stunts ‘scrambled’ his brain

Jackass star Johnny Knoxville has said he is glad he’s “stepped back a little” from stunts on doctor’s orders as they have “scrambled his brains.”

Last year, the stuntman was seriously injured when he was flipped over by a bull in Jackass Forever.

Co-star Steve-O described the film as a “bummer.”

“It’s not fun to watch Knoxville get hit in the head any more,” he added.

Knoxville has admitted that he may be “addicted” to stunts but has had to step back after warned him that he has had too many concussions already and can’t risk another one.

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