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Humza Yousaf ‘bizarre’ for resigning, says Alba MSP Ash Regan


Humza Yousaf ‘bizarre’ for resigning and not working to survive no-confidence vote, says Alba MSP Ash Regan

Humza Yousaf’s decision to resign as Scotland’s first minister is “bizarre”, Alba Party’s Ash Regan MSP hs said.

Ms Regan told Sky News is “bizarre” Mr Yousaf has quit, rather than working with her and her party to survive a potential no-confidence vote.

Mr Yousaf announced he was stepping down during an address at Bute House, Edinburgh, at midday today (29 April), just days before a vote on his leadership was expected.

As he choked up, the 39-year-old thanked his “wonderful” wife and “beautiful” children for supporting him throughout his time in office.

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