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Parents chant 'shame on you' as Tennessee lawmakers vote on arming teachers


Protesting parents chant ‘shame on you’ from Senate gallery as Tennessee lawmakers vote on arming teachers

Parents chanted “shame on you” as lawmakers in the Tennessee Senate passed a bill that will let some educators bring guns to school.

The state Senate passed SB 1325 by a vote of 26-5 on Tuesday 9 April, allowing concealed handguns in the classroom.

Hundreds of gun-reform advocates descended on the proceedings at the Capitol in Nashville to voice their opposition, standing in the Senate’s gallery.

They shouted “shame on you” and “vote them out” before some were removed.

“Parents being removed from Senate gallery while voting on arming teachers,” Senator Charlane Oliver wrote, sharing a video of the protest.

“Our comfort and convenience should never supersede the safety and lives our children.”

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