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ITV director of policy grilled over 'bizarre' aubergine comment made by This Morning editor


ITV policy boss grilled over ‘bizarre’ aubergine comments made by This Morning editor

ITV’s director of policy has been grilled over “surreal” comments made by This Morning editor Martin Frizell.

When asked by a journalist if there is a “toxic environment” on the programme on Monday 5 June, Mr Frizell launched a bizarre rant about aubergines.

His response was brought up 24 hours later by MP John Nicolson, during a committee questioning ITV executive Magnus Brooke.

“We all saw yesterday that surreal performance by the editor of the programme, who when he was asked by a reporter from Sky about bullying on the programme, started talking about aubergines,” Mr Nicolson.

He went on to say Mr Frizell was being “outrageously dismissive and flippant” about the “immensely serious” issue.

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