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Moment Tory party chair squirms over misleading attack on Sadiq Khan


Moment Tory party chair squirms over party’s misleading attack on Khan

Conservative party chair Richard Holden attempted to defend his party’s posting of a misleading video of Sadiq Khan.

The Conservatives’ official account on X (formerly Twitter) posted the clip after the London mayor appeared on Sky News on Thursday.

The post was edited to not include a correction that the mayor made regarding anti-semitism in the Labour Party.

Times Radio presenter Calum Macdonald, grilled Mr Holden over the clip, saying: “It is misinformation. It portrays something inaccurate to people online.”

Mr Holden replied: “It highlights an issue of anti-Semitism at the heart of the Labour Party. And it’s not been edited, it’s been clipped.”

“That’s exactly the same thing,” the presenter replied, clearly stunned.

The Tory chairman responded: “No, it’s actually quite different.”

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