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Roman Kemp close to tears as he gives speech for Lewis Capaldi


Roman Kemp close to tears as he opens up on Lewis Capaldi’s Tourette’s diagnosis

Roman Kemp is close to tears as he opens up on friend and singer Lewis Capaldi’s Tourette’s diagnosis.

Kemp, 30, accepted a Rolling Stone UK Award on behalf of Capaldi, who has taken time out of the limelight following his struggle with Tourettes.

Referencing Capaldi’s Glastonbury performance, Roman said “it was the hardest thing to watch”.

“You can see how much he tried to get through that all whilst battling with something that he was going through in his personal life.”

Kemp said Capaldi telling him he was stepping back from the limelight after Glastonbury was “the best thing I have heard” after the singer revealed, “I’m losing touch with who I am”.

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