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Why is Waffle House America's late night fight club? | On The Ground


Why is Waffle House America’s late night fight club? | On The Ground

It is a question that has puzzled philosophers, sociologists and night-shift grill masters for years, probably. What is it about Waffle House, the charming and iconic American diner chain, that invites so many fights on its premises?

For anyone unfamiliar with this obscure Americana lore, the mostly southern chain — with 1,900 locations in 25 states — has something of a reputation. From Lana Del Rey’s ‘waitressing’ gig to the Jonas Brother’s hit song, the unlikely American obsession is widespread.

Halie Booth was involved in one of the most infamous Waffle House brawls ever caught on camera.

But why Waffle House? The Independent’s Richard Hall investigates.

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