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Sir Bobby Charlton perfectly sums up why we're all football fans


Bobby Charlton passionately describes Manchester United winning 1999 Champions League: ‘The world is great again’

Sir Bobby Charlton passionately recounts witnessing the moment Manchester United won the 1999 Champions League Final, a resurfaced video shows.

During a 2000 interview, the former Manchester United player describes the moment his beloved team clinched the win against Bayern Munich, breaking a 31-year Champions League drought.

It was 89 minutes in and The Red Devils were down 0-1.

But after Teddy Sheringham’s 90th-minute goal, Charlton said: "While I was thinking 'keep cool, keep cool'...we got a corner.

"Teddy Sheringham helps it on, Gunnar Solskjær knocks the ball into the net and as the ball hits the net, for me, it was as if the world had stood still.

“I thought this is what paradise is all about. And I honestly do not remember what I did for about five minutes.

“And suddenly the world was great again. There is nothing ever going to be better than this”

Sir Charlton peacefully passed away in the early hours of 21 October 2023, a statement from his family reads.

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