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Airport employee leaps over counter, fights managers and swings chair after she's fired: 'Give me my stuff!'


Airport restaurant employee leaps over counter and fights managers

An airport coffee shop employee in Atlanta has been fired after they were caught on camera attacking their managers.

The now-former barista at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Shacoria Elly, had reportedly gotten angry during an argument with a co-worker over espresso shots on 13 January.

The footage shows the two managers attempting to escort her out the shop as she tries to get behind the counter, repeatedly telling them “give me my stuff.”

One of the managers, wearing a red polo, pushes Ms Elly to the ground.

She walks away from the incident before changing her mind and sprinting back into the shop and leaping over the counter to try and retrieve her items.

She left before aiport secuirty or police arrived. Police have not charged the disgruntled employee with any crimes.

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