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Undercover reporter cries in a shocking documentary that reveals NHS chaos


Undercover reporter cries in shocking documentary that reveals NHS chaos

An undercover reporter breaks down in tears in a shocking documentary revealing the chaos in the NHS.

Robbie Boyd went undercover at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital for two months for Channel Four’s Dispatches programme, which airs on Monday (24 June) at 9pm.

There, he witnessed long waiting times of up to 46 hours and patients lying in corridors waiting to be treated.

But, it was a seriously ill patient having to urinate in front of 30 people that reduced the journalist to tears.

He said: “If that was my family member, I’d be fuming. It’s so awful, I’m so angry right now.”

In a statement, NHS England said what was observed at the Shrewsbury Hospital is “not commonplace” and that it is working closely with “most challenged trusts”.

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