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Bronson Battersby's sister pays tribute to 'beautiful' two-year-old


Bronson Battersby’s sister pays tribute to ‘beautiful’ two-year-old

Bronson Battersby’s sister has paid tribute to the “beautiful” two-year-old after the toddler was found dead alongside his father in Lincolnshire on 9 January.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast on Friday, Melanie Battersby said she did not blame police and social services as they “did what they could.”

Lincolnshire County Council is carrying out a “rapid review” of attempts to check on Bronson, who is believed to have starved after his father suffered a heart attack.

The 37-year-old daughter of Kenneth Battersby, who lives in Sheffield, added: “I’m glad that an inquiry is going to take place into whether there were any failings, missed opportunities.”

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