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Piers Morgan demands Sunak to fire 'dangerous' Braverman


Piers Morgan demands Sunak fire ‘dangerous’ Braverman

Piers Morgan has demanded Rishi Sunak fire “dangerous” Suella Braverman on his Uncensored TalkTV show.

The home secretary's position has been called into question after she published a controversial article accusing the Metropolitan Police of political bias after the pro-Palestine march due to take place on Armistice Day was given the green light.

"The job of the home secretary is to keep our country safe," said Morgan.

"Instead, she's pouring fuel on the flames of a tense situation that's already in grave danger of blowing up.

"Braverman has been fired from this job once before... Rishi Sunak shouldn’t have rehired her. Now, he needs to fire her again."

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